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Mastering Leadership

Leadership is an art that requires constant honing and refinement. Whether you are a doctor, a CEO, or a C-Suite executive, the ability to inspire, guide, and empower others is paramount to success. In this blog post, I will delve into the five essential traits of a good leader, exploring how they apply to physician […]
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Embracing Kaizen

A Path to Continuous Improvement for Leaders in Business and Medicine  In today’s rapidly changing world, the concept of continuous improvement has become more important than ever. One philosophy that embodies this principle is Kaizen, a Japanese term meaning “change for the better” or “continuous improvement.” Originally developed in the manufacturing industry, Kaizen has transcended […]
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Stress Is A Silent Killer Blog

The Silent Killer

Stress can be Invisible!   Looking healthy, but Annual Wellness Check says “Not so”!  Stress is a part of our daily lives. It is an inherent part of daily activities – on the job and “off-the-clock”. But when stress becomes chronic, it can take a toll on our health, and I am a prime example. Going […]
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Good Leadership

The Foundation of Good Leadership

Leadership is one of the most promoted teachings.  However, leadership should not be taken lightly. It is an evolution that requires hard work and dedication to become an effective leader. To start off on the right track, one must first recognize what one does not know and take initiative to seek out the knowledge necessary […]
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