Welcome To The Value 360 Blog

The Value 360 blog is a series of blog posts where I share easy-to-understand, practical, and valuable ideas and solutions for working professionals & young adults seeking to sculpt through – to their fullest potential!

The Value 360 blog posts will be focused on 5 Key Value Riplets:

First, let’s talk about a riplet.  Why do I see values in riplets? It’s a simple concept. Our values affect the world around us and each time we affect another human that affects the people around that person and so the riplets move farther and farther away from us. 

The five value riplets I will discuss in this blog are:

1. Health & Wellness

2. Allpreneur

3. Kaizen 101 & Leadership

4. Legacy

5. Cultural Harmony

What to expect:

1. Health & Wellness:

This value ripplet provides information that promotes health and wellness. This includes discussions around the policies that guide health (nationally and globally), health equity, women’s health, advanced primary care & community care, wellness strategies, and public health crisis to mention a few.

2. Allpreneur:

This value ripplet provides information about being a successful entrepreneur. This includes discussions around starting and growing your business, what it takes to scale your business, and featuring examples of successful entrepreneur stories.

3. Kaizen 101 & Leadership:

This value ripplet provides information about how to become a better version of yourself, and also on how to be an inspirational leader! This includes discussion on the connection between failure & success, understanding what kaizen means and how to apply this to your everyday life, and the foundational elements of leadership.

4. Legacy:

This value ripplet provides information about creating an impact. This includes discussions about family, community, and the importance of legacy and generational financial & cultural wealth.

5. Cultural Harmony:

This value ripplet provides information about all cultures,  people’s different beliefs and promoting living in harmony. This includes discussions about key cultural observance days and its meaning, cultural differences and similarities with health, dance, food, education, clothing, etc. The overarching goal of this value ripplet is to use information sharing and education to better understand our differences and by so doing find a way to respect one another for our differences and foster a more harmonious world culture.

I am excited for the life-long journey of sharing value ripplets with my audience and learning from their comments and feedback as well. Let’s all enjoy this value ride!