Medicalincs is a Healthcare Advisory & Management Services
We provide the knowledge, infrastructure, and human capital that enable healthcare organizations to maximize efficiency & ROI.

We pride ourselves on providing Integrated Solutions as a Service (ISaaS). In every tier of the healthcare industry, inconsistencies can exist that cause administrative burden, unnecessary costs, decreased morale, and a subpar outcome for population health. At Medicalincs, our goal is to provide healthcare delivery systems that streamline processes from the inside-out, in a holistic, customized manner.


Cordinnate is a population health management operating system. This cloud-base technology platform allows for a more seamless process for conducting patient care coordination and care management in and out of the field (in the communities where patients reside). It is a platform built around team-based care, mainly for the care team members that are extensions of the physician/practitioner.


Healthlincs partners with local & national agencies to link healthcare resources, services, processes, and systems to improve healthcare outcomes and meaningful living. Our experienced healthcare professionals put patients’ & care team needs first. We are proud to provide a high quality level of clinical & community care support, with a strong commitment to health and wellness. Our goal is to help coordinate all patient care needs.


“Consociator” comes from the word “Consociate” which means “to bring into association”. Consociator is designed to solve a problem – help professionals with limited bandwidth, to participate in a “vital” number of associations that meets the individual’s professional and altruistic needs/goals (and this evolves with time). Consociator is a one-stop-shop to assess all or relevant business/trade organizations that meets the needs of professional individuals. Consociator will be launching in 2022! Can’t wait!

Value 360 Show

My daytime job is as a healthcare business physician executive, and my show time job is to bring information, ideas, and solutions that help working professionals and young adults sculpt their multi-dimensional potential. I believe in the understanding that I alone cannot change the world, but I can cause a ripple – by sharing my experience and those of others here, at the value 360 show.

I want to cause ripples of value in your life, as well as mine – by providing a 360-degree perspective across different topics – Health & Wellness, Entrepreneurship, Cultural Harmony, Legacy, and Kaizen 101. We will always end the show with at least 3 key ripples of value that you can apply to continue sculpting your potential and start doing what is necessary, and thereafter, the impossible! 

Mytle Health

Mytle Health is an accessible, convenient, & affordable health plan that resolves the challenge of access to primary and preventative care solutions for all. Mytle Health is aligned with its care providers through Ghana to ensure that this primary goal is achieved at the most convenient cost and time to our subscribers. Mytle Health also extends the benefit of collaboration between its medical partners globally. The objective is to ensure the most accurate methods and practices goes to benefit our beneficiaries.


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